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Spontaneous Transformation Technique (STT) Programs and Certification Trainings

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Podcast host Jennifer McLean's powerful system of healing is now here for you to dive into. You can take a healing program to shift your energy (and your life) right now. OR you can learn this proven and potent self care and self healing system to release the old stories, traumas and patterns that have held you back. You may even become a certified STT practitioner and earn income while you deliver real and true long lasting transformation for yourself, your friends, family and paying clients.

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Spontaneous Transformation Shop - Healing Infused Wearables & STT Courses


Jennifer McLean's Spontaneous Transformation Shop, delivers the most powerful healing encoded Wearables and products. Just by wearing, handling and enrolling these products, you will be supported with healing frequencies to ensure what you are seeking will be quickly brought to fruition.

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Podcast Speakers Offers for Healing Programs


This is where you can find your favorite Spontaneous Transformation Podcast speakers product offerings that you heard about when listening. Go and browse to find what will support you best in healing and transforming.

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